Just how to Troubleshoot as well as Repair an Electric Hot Water Heater

Just how to Troubleshoot as well as Repair an Electric Hot Water Heater

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How to Troubleshoot and Repair an Electric Water Heater
Several contemporary homes make use of an electrical water heater for their furnace, because of its benefit and also simplicity of use. However, similar to any other electrical appliances, issues may emerge with its usage, all of a sudden. It can be truly discouraging to wake up to a cool shower instead of a warm one or having your bath with water that isn't warm sufficient or even as well hot. Whatever the situation may be, hot water heater problems can be rather aggravating. Thankfully, we have actually made a listing of feasible services to your hot water heater problems. There are a variety of elements that can trigger most of these issues, maybe an issue with the power supply, the electric heating element, or the thermostat. Prior to doing anything, guarantee you shut off the major power supply for safety. Whatever the trouble is, getting it fixed must not pose excessive of a concern if you follow these steps:

Call An Expert:

If after changing all defective components and resetting your temperature, the hot water heater still isn't working, you may require to contact a professional plumber for a specialist opinion. The issue with your heating system could be that the hot and cold taps have actually been switched over or it may be undersized for the quantity of warm water needed in your home. Whatever the situation might be, a professional plumber would assist fix the trouble.

Check Your Power Supply:

As fundamental as this might appear, it is very required. Without appropriate power, your hot water heater will not function. So the first thing to do when your water all of a sudden retires is to verify that it isn't a power trouble. Examine if the fuse is burnt out or the circuit breaker tripped. If the circuit breaker is the concern, merely transform it off and on again. Replace any type of busted or damaged fuse. Test the appliance with power after these modifications to see if it's now functioning.

Examine Your Thermostat:

If your hot water heater still isn't functioning or the water appearing isn't hot enough, you may need to inspect the temperature setups on your top thermostat. Ensure the circuit breaker is switched off before doing anything. Open the gain access to panel as well as press the red button for temperature level reset over the thermostat. This must aid warm the water. Transform the circuit breaker back on as well as inspect if the trouble has actually been resolved.

Check the Heating Element in the Hot Water Heater:

If it's not a power issue, after that attempt checking out your heating element if it is still working. Evaluate each of your heating elements to make sure the issue isn't with any one of them. If any one of them is damaged, change that component and then check whether the hot water is back on.


Water heater problems are not always major. A number of them are because of small problems like a blown fuse or damaged burner. Changing the malfunctioning components must work. Nevertheless, if you are still not able to fix the issue, give a call to your closest plumber to come to get it fixed.

What Would Cause My Electric Water Heater to Stop Working?

Your water heater is one of the most forgotten-about appliances in your home—until it quits working. Once you realize that there’s no hot water, the water heater jumps up to become the most noticeable appliance you have. No one in your family will be happy until you get the water heater fixed.

To fix an electric water heater as soon as possible, follow the troubleshooting advice discussed below.

Basic Water Heater Troubleshooting

Fortunately, you may be restore the hot water supply simply by resetting the house circuit breaker for the water heater. A tripped circuit breaker is one of the top causes of water heater failures. Shut the hot water heater breaker off then turn it back on. Give the water heater a half hour to heat up (if it’s working) and then check for hot water through one of your faucets.

If you get hot water after resetting the breaker, then the problem may be fixed if the breaker inadvertently tripped and it doesn’t continue tripping.

If the water heater breaker trips again, then you’ll likely need to have a service technician examine and repair the water heater. The service technician will check the circuit breaker and electrical supply wiring for the water heater. A short in the supply wiring or a bad circuit breaker could be causing the breaker to trip. An internal failure such as a broken heating element can also cause the breaker to continue tripping.

When resetting the water heater circuit breaker doesn’t work at all, then the water heater may be getting power while an internal water heater failure is causing the problem.

Conduct Advanced DIY Water Heater Troubleshooting

If the water heater doesn’t work after resetting the high-temperature limit switch, then you’ll need to either conduct some advanced water heater troubleshooting or have a service technician diagnose and repair the water heater failure.

Sears Technicians created a safe and highly-successful DIY advanced troubleshooting video to help you determine the cause of a water heating failure if you want to try to fix the problem yourself. Follow the advice in this video to find and fix the cause of the heating failure on your own:

The video begins with the basic troubleshooting described in the first 2 sections described above. It then goes on to guide you through checking water heater components to safely find the cause of the water heating failure.

If you get to a point in the troubleshooting where you’re not completely confident that you can safely continue, schedule a service technician to diagnose and repair the water heater.

The DIY water heater troubleshooting shown in the above video differs from the diagnosis techniques that service technicians typically use when examining a water heater to find the cause of a heating failure. Safe DIY troubleshooting doesn’t rely on live voltage checks while service technicians often use live voltage checks to quickly find the cause of water heater failures.

While many DIY’ers have been able to find the cause of water heater failures using troubleshooting advice shown in the video, some failures such as a bad circuit breaker can only be found using live voltage checks which should only be conducted by a trained service technician.

Sears Technicians have the training, tools and expertise to quickly find the cause of a water heater failure. Rely on our technicians to diagnose and repair your water heater or any other appliance in your home that quits working.

While the technician is in your home, take advantage of appliance Cleaning & Maintenance offers that the tech discusses with you. Keeping your appliances well-maintained will help them work more efficiently and last longer. Regular professional maintenance will also help prevent costly breakdowns of the appliances you depend on every day.


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